Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Exciting things in the works!!

Well it's been a long time since I posted anything.
I'm still racing and I finished 6th in points for the 2013 season... not a bad finish.

I plan on racing again for another season.
This was at Jefferson during the Tundra Series wasn't as much fun as I thought it was going to be. The car never had a good set up in it and no practice like some other race teams who had thousands of dollars and could go to these other tracks for weeks ahead, practicing till they were the best they could be,and took the fun out of it for those who didn't have rich daddies to pay for their racing...and could only go the day of the race.. Not knowing what set up should be in the car.
Not to mention the photo shoots these little girls showed off with at the tracks..and what for? only made other drivers disgusted with their money. Flaunting how rich they are. Jealous? hell ya.. I wish my Daddy was still alive and rich.. least my parents stayed together. And my Daddy built my first race car him self... MORE than what any little rich girl's daddy every did for them!
I'll stay at my home track next season and beat those spoiled little girls.. like I did this season..
ANYWAY.... racing isn't my only love... there's bowling..
This last weekend I was in a tournament with my team of 4 ladies.. as a team.. well maybe we should have stayed home this year Saturday..considering we won this same tournament as a team last year!!!!.. BUT Sunday... oh yea Sunday was a different story.
I got to partner up with my bowling idol.. A lady who I have admired for many years... and finally got to be her partner in the double part of the tournament.
I hoped I could do her justice. She is a much better bowler than I am.
I started out with a 220 game!!! I don't know where that came from but I was elated. Then I literally fell on my face.... I opened the first 4 frames and even to my horror threw a gutter ball..OMG!
I am so lucky my idol kept her cool and covered for me.... well she basically won it for us...
I am VERY proud to say we WON the doubles part of the Wisconsin Valley tournament!!
Well Carol won it for the two of us!!! 
ON to more things that I love... PRIMITIVES.
I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet..... but HUGE things are in the works for Two Mile Creek Primitives.. Things I never thought possible.
I have tons of work ahead of me... and 8 months to get what I dreamed of all my life into reality. Yet here I sit in my night gown at 3:51 in the afternoon....sigh....

SET 1 PRIMITIVE LABELS 25 Vintage looking labels

* 25 Vintage Labels SET 1*


* 26 Vintage Labels SET 2 *



* What's in My Cart?*