Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is the First Race

Well here she is.. We had practice last Sat... Cold, wet... didn't pay to put new rubber on her.. SO we didn't learn much. rained..really didn't learn anything then... Wed the track set up another test day... and lordy... when we race... the race only lasts like 20 min to maybe 30 min..unless it's over a 50 lapper..then they can go longer...but mostly about 20 min. WELL... I was in the car from 4:30 to 6:00! The whole time....AWWWW! Well at least it was nice and warm in the car... very windy on Wed. I would take her out for some laps and she just didn't have any traction..back in the pits.. my crew would fiddle with shocks, more testing..more fiddling springs,,test,,, pits,,, more fiddling fiddle, fiddle.....test, test, test...... ok What ever I said went against what they thought...till we narrowed it down to....a bad shock? no way..they are all brand new!! well it WAS the right front shock. Wouldn't hold the car..SOOOO test one last time . And WITH the new tires....and lordy gees wize!!! I got a time faster than I had all year last year! and on such a cold day too. We changed the motor this year from a Chevy to a Ford..... meaning the rules let us set the motor back if we run a Ford... easier to make the weight rule. SO we had better expectations out of the box... Didn't think the shock would go like that.. They can...but not normally. We will see what happens tomorrow long as I bring her home in one piece and not in a box. We have a new car at the track. I don't know if they will use it or not. It's a ride along car. Room for 2 in this baby. If they have it going this will be able to buy a ride and my team mate, Burton will be driving them around the track at breath taking speeds! LOL! The money will go to a breast cancer fund. If he doesn't show up guess who will be giving rides? That's my 5 car in the pit spot next to the pink 07 car. This pink car is really an old Nascar car, so it's really heavy duty compaired to our cars. Has the flaps on it too. Both cars have Ford Fusion bodies. That's hubbie Cliff pointing at something and Pit guy Jeremey in the red and black jacket looking on.
Wanna take a peek??? Here is where I was sitting for an hour and a half yesterday.... and I assume again tonight as the car will be sitting on 4 scales. I will have to sit in her as the crew weighs the car and makes adjustments to ride heights and the such. Car and driver must weigh a certain weight to be legal.

No More Mrs. Nice Guy...Who knew!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok I have made up a few more bottles to take to the Craft Mall. Yep, I went dumpster diving in my sponser's trash! I boiled hot soapy water and gave these babies a real good scrubbing, I got the lables that were on the bottles all cleaned off. AND I made up another special label just for me!
Here is a closer look at the bottle labels. I love the thorns, makes them look really nasty! This time I didn't have a problem with drying the muslin tops......... Last time on the jars. I tried to dry them in my micro wave oven. Now in my OLD micro wave oven, I dried stuff all the problem.... Now I have a new one. And it is much hotter..takes less time..whatever....... good excuse anyway... I tried..... Ok FINE..FINE!.. I'll tell... I put the wet coffee stained muslin tops in the micro wave and pushed 1 min...least I thought it was one min....OK OK I pushed 10 min and walked away, and got side tracked with something else. Well when I smelled the smoke, I remembered the tops in the micro wave... after I put out the fire ..I had nothing left but 12 little black ash balls where I once had 12 balled up wet coffee stained muslin tops. And STINK! So this time I used the real oven at 200 * because that is the lowest setting... they didn't burn but then I didn't walk away this time either.

Friday, April 24, 2009

WHOO HOO CHAR from The Pickled Pepper Patch WHOO HOO

Hey Char...lookie...lookie... One for me, one for my Mom, and 4 for my friends!!! YEA Thank-you for a wonderful idea!!
Here is the link to get your own pattern..from The Pickled Pepper Patch!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Label Ideas

Here I have a special way of reusing beer and booze bottles.. My sponsor for my race car runs a pub and eatery. SOOO I have dumpster rights!!! I dive in and grab all the bottles I wish. I take them home and scrub the heck out of them, inside and out.
Then the fun begins. I dug thru my Halloweens labels from set 3 and 1 from set 4 right here at the bottom of this page....... and started to glue them on the bottles.. What a HOOT!!!Look at the silly's
I grungied up some cheese cloth and tied it on the tops with a piece of jute cord.
My bottles are ready to be set on my pantry shelves!! Awww but these are going to the shop and some lucky person will be able to buy them and take them home for their own primitive pantry.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well here are a stack of beans for sure! I am getting items ready for a craft mall that my new best friend Dani and I are moving into this Wed.. We can't wait, It will be the first time we meet in person ,but I felt like I have known Dani for ever... I just love her to pieces.. She has helped me with ideas and she is there for support, She understands me and we email or talk every day..I have made these labels just for me..WHOO HOO! I have been using my own labels on jars and crates for over a year house is almost full! My hubbie says it's starting to look like an old mercantile in here!! I have been selling my labels here on my blog and several other places on line.. I have them in several shops in my home town and towns near by too.. I have them bagged up and they look really nice hanging on a hook all lined up and ready to be bought..When the hubbie saw this stack ready to go to the mall he really thought he stepped back in time and maybe he should be on the look out for the pickle barrel too...soon honey, soon I'll have that in the house too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Whoo Hoo I got set 7 done and stained and FINALLY listed on ebay.
There are over 26 labels in this set.
Go and take a gander at this newest set of Primitive Vintage Farmhouse Labels..
I am fast filling up my pantry with jars, crates and wood boxes with these wonderful labels....
They really have nice primitive charm in the kitchen.

These are extra labels you get with this set.. I ALWAYS include extra labels is every set I sell.

Hugs Rene'

Saturday, April 11, 2009


SOON ...soon like in 3 weeks.....

Yep, that is me in the 5 car.. This is what I do all summer long...

Yep...the 5 is backwards.....!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Labels Listed on Ebay Set 7

Hi All, I finally got set 7 done and listed as U Print Them On eBay. There are 25 primitive labels in this set. I also added a several extra bonus labels too. The labels are common things found on bottles, wood boxes and jugs that you would have seen Way-Back-Then! This set is designed for the user to make copies as many as they want and to re size the labels to fit their needs. Buyers are allowed to resell the labels as long as they have them used them on an item that they are selling. I ask that you don't resell the labels just by themselves. Take a peek and remember to grab the free Easter set 6 right off the post before this one. It will be up till next Monday. Set 8 is in the works and almost done, and this one that everyone has been asking for!!! Stay Tuned! Happy Easter!

An Easter Gift from Me!

I have a free Easter Gift for you. The link is now to the side bar
It's about time I have some type of give away...cept.. I feel bad when someone doesn't win the EVERYBODY "Wins" a prise here...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Look What Came for A Snack Today

Take a look at what came for a snack at my bird feeder today. We have alot of these in our town just they are mostly on the other side of the river.... But over the last 4 years they have found a way to this side...maybe they are crossing the river in the winter..... anyway I just love to see these black squirrels in my yard... The gray ones love to chase them. Poor little guy runs like a bat-outta-hell when he sees the gray squirrel close by. I got him this close with sunflower seeds.. I wonder if he will like peanuts? He reminds me of my black Chinchilla.. I just want to reach out and grab him!!! He looks so soft.. and look at that tail!.. I suppose he wouldn't like it very I'll just peek at him thru my living room window.... and give my chinchilla an extra squeeze tonight.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I WON!! The Black Thing-a-ma-bob!

WHOO HOO I won I won! from I won the Black thing-a-ma-Bob.. I will take a pic when I get it.. She was having a contest and It ended in a tie..
Thank-you so much.... my first win whoo hoo!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun at the Salvage Yard

I love to go to the salvage yard. I take home more than what we take there. We are good friends with the owner and he asked me for a list of the things I wanted him to save for me...OH BOY!!
A MAN after my heart!! I stopped writing after 2 pages. And the things he has saved for me...half were not on the list!!!

Some funnels , a lead melting spoon, a chamber pot,, like the 3 I have now arn't enough...well ya never know!!!!! 13 shoe thingees from when they really fixed shoe instead of buying new ones. 3 flat irons to go with my old wood ironing boards I have thru out the house. An old lantern, and an old toaster...way too cool! And anyone know what the cage looking things are???? I have been told "Chick Creeps" least that is what I call them.. SOOO when ya have baby chicks and you want to feed just the would put the chick feed on the ground then put this cage "Creep" over the feed. Then the baby chicks can go thru the bars ( creep in) and eat the food because the adult chickens can't get it....they can't fit thru the bars..... I have baby creeps for my chinchillas.. so the baby can have a place to hide and rest while the parents romp at night.
But then these might be for something else.... but they sure would work good for baby feeding chicks...if I had any!
Can't wait to go back and see what he has saved for me next time!

SET 1 PRIMITIVE LABELS 25 Vintage looking labels

* 25 Vintage Labels SET 1*


* 26 Vintage Labels SET 2 *



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