Friday, February 27, 2009


YEA!! Thank-you Gina!! I got my Pay-Pal buttons up ... I hope the buggers work! I do know that the shipping won't combine and it's charging for each set,,sooo I have to figger out what to do there cept maybe ya could contact me and I could make up an invoice to combine the shipping if anyone wanted both sets.. Right now the only way to see All the labels is to go to ebay , my id is copie5..take a look and either buy them there or come back here...I haven't figgered out how I will know if they sell here....? Guess I'll have to check Pay-Pal thru out the day.... Any one knows how this works?? Fine time to ask EH?? Oh well.. I just jumped right in.....It was Gina's Idea Ya!! LOL I think it was a fine here I am. Ok Off to bed now.. I'll get some more pic of the labels up here sometime this weekend I hope...I know Sat. we are taking the race car motor to the shop to be "Gone Thru" before we get it back "In a Basket" and can start to rebuild it. Sunday.. I fear I will be riding my snowmobile as winter is not gonna be here much longer so I must ride as much as I can....Maybe I'll take some pictures of the winter wonderland we have all around here....Ok bed now..really... I mean it this time! Hugs Rene
I should say that I did use a white glue to paste the label on to the stained hang tag. I "let" ( ya right) the glue seep under the edge so then all I had to do was sprinkle the mica flakes on the glue showing around the edge..Very easy to do...see how when an accident happens ( putting too much glue on the label and having it sneak under and show on the top) a good technique happens!

Labels In Your Home

OK Here We Go.... I made up the snowmen heads using warm n natural and just tossed them on a bowl.. I though I have these nice labels..what if...? At crafts show that I do, I mostly use wood so hey I'll make a wood box. I used one of my labels from my Christmas set on the side...I took a label and stuck it on a stained hang tag, and added the mica flakes around the edge to try to cover it. Well it's Feb and I still have this setting out!

NOW the Halloween.. One of my sponsor's on the race car is a bar/restaurant so they have a dumpster full of empty glass bottles! And you can get those big bottles too. ( I love the blue glass Sky Vodka bottles ...the BOTTLES not the stuff inside!! whuuee!LOL) So I put my leather gloves on and went in for a dip. I boiled out the bottles and cleaned off any paper labels that were left on them. In the top I stuck a piece of wood stick, wrapped it with spanish moss or on some I used the really cool sheet moss ( remember that when you go to buy the stuff! Lordy try to explain to a sales lady " You know, that grassy green stuff that grows on trees!" Ok then wrap the bottle neck with grungy stained cheese cloth.... I sold these by the DOZEN! So easy to make and cheap too. The only cost being the labels ,and cheese cloth, because empty beer bottles, sticks, and moss ( if you can find it) is free. The skull heads with the bottles is a pattern that I made up and sold on ebay also. I have a matching bones pattern I have to write up yet..oh soo little time soo much to do.... Ok there is your idea for the day... Hugs To all Rene

Well here I am again, This picture is from set 1 of my vintage labels. All ya need is a glue stick and something to stitck the label on! Glass, wood, sticks to all. Can't really peel it off , that isn't a good thing ,but then it won't just fall off either. With my Christmas labels. I stuck them on stained hang tags and put a fine line of mica flakes around the label edge to cover it. I'll take a pic of what I did with the Christmas label.. I'll get ideas roasting!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My First blog

Well here I am... no clue what I am doing yet.. I hope when I get a whole page full of stories I will have a direction.
We got about 6 inches of snow today. It was just a short storm. I would have liked more snow. Spring is comming and with it summer and I will have to work..more on that later when I know what will be expected of me. I guess enough for now,,till I figger out what it is that I want to do here...?

SET 1 PRIMITIVE LABELS 25 Vintage looking labels

* 25 Vintage Labels SET 1*


* 26 Vintage Labels SET 2 *



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