Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey I Think She Likes It!!

Here is my friend Cheri with her major award!!! I think she likes it! WHOO HOO Good Job picking up that split... One more night of bowling... our sweepers and we are done till the fall :(
Cheri and I plan on doing some summer time bowling so I am looking forward to that.
Hugs Rene

A Patch for Cheri

I made up a patch for my friend on my bowling team.. Last week she picked up the 7...9...10 split... She joked about it and pretended to be upset because there wasn't a "Major" award for picking up that split.... Well my dear friend...there IS a patch for that split! Here it is.. I made it up special for you. I am going to put it in an envelope just like all the other patch's are when we get them. I'll have the Secretary and President of our league give it out to her tonight.. She doesn't have a clue! I can't wait! Good job Cheri!
Hugs Rene

Monday, March 23, 2009

What a MESS!

What a MESS! I am trying to take torn bits of newspaper and white glue and paste them on to plastic Easter eggs..... well I bought 36 eggs... I got 6 done! Thank god the phone didn't ring in the middle of this project. I'm gonna paint them black when they are dry. Dry brush a layer of white glue on them and when that is dry, paint them in some drab colors. The layer of white glue will make them crackle a bit.. cheaper than the real crackle stuff. If they turn out and don't look too bad.. I'll let ya see them when I got them finished. Off to get ready for bowling now..Not many nights of league left....Rene

Friday, March 20, 2009

Always room for one more

Well well well
This didn't work so well... Kinda cute thou! I guess I'll just stick to typing normal posts!.. I wonder...just what ARE they looking at? Rene

Thursday, March 19, 2009


My poor Binky so wants to watch his shows on TV today. He took over the remote. I didn't have a chance. SO I worked on a new pattern today. I'm doing the flat carrots up as a pattern. I hope to have it done Friday. Then I'll start another one.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My UGLY Dolls!

Well I got those ugly dolls done..all 6 of them.. I took them to the primitive shop in town..They fit right in!! I have a few more skinny head dolls to finish now.. The hubbie calls them "Bread Stick Dolls" because of their long skinny heads. I stitched a whisp of raw sheeps wool on top of their heads.. I hope I can find my black wool other wise they will have gray hair!! I also got my flat carrots done too.. I bundled them up 3 to a pack,, tied a strip of grungy cheese cloth around them. Stained a strip of wide twill,,,stamped "OLD CARROTS" on the twill. Pinned the twill on with a rusty safty pin and jingle bell. AND I was a prim -makin'-demon because I also got my Easter pillows done too. I had them on ebay and they didn't sell so I scraped off as much of the mica flakes off (as the shop in town didn't want mica on them.) I regrungied them real dark, because the shop LOVES their stuff really almost extreame prim...and off to the shop they went. The bunnies you can hardly see but they have real wool for their "cotton" tails...If I lived where they grow cotton I sure would have loved to sew real raw cotton on them. I have one small clump that I picked up that blew thru a fence at a way side while we were driving to Florida.. I never saw raw cotton and I was so excited to have a piece. No clue where I stashed it...Hugs Rene

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Monday bowling!!!!

Hi All, Just a short note. I cleaned house all day for company that stayed 15 min!!! Oh well my house is clean ,,and now,,I can't find a thing!..
I have to tell you what I bowled last night. I bowl with 4 other ladies..on a MENS league!
I started off just nasty.. a 134.. Oh could it get worse?? I love to bowl My average WAS's been going down and down to a 159... Oh great horrors... :( I have the lowest average on my team. We just got back from state and I got a 208. I thought I was on my way back up..but no.. I threw a 134... So I tried real hard in the second game.. and I still got open frames... I was getting so team ladies have averages in the 180's and 170's... They must hate me by now....ooooo... I wanted to cry..then I got mad..MAD!! I tell ya!! I started to whip that ball with such a hook ya'd think a MAN was throwing it!! I got 3 strikes in a row Whoo HOO! But I opened in the tenth frame... BUT I got my average and then some I threw a 189... BUT we lost that game and I was still mad.. SO we started the third game.. I'm in a bowling frenzy.. I'm whipping that's hooking like mad.. I got strike after strike I threw 7 strikes in a row!! This isn't me??? Who's bowling in my body?? Everybody's are stepping aside to let me bowl first.. Men are waiting till "I" bowl... they are slapping my hand..... OHHhhh this is gonna hurt when I don't get a strike.... and I got 8 pins and a spare in the 8th frame... OOhh they all moan....... Like I don't feel bad that I didn't strike...but now I let them all down..... sigh... I whipped that ball in the 9th frame and got a stike...YEA!!!! I finished with a 8 spare 8 in the tenth frame for a 256 game.. WHOO HOO!! my highest game ever.. AND the third highest game for ladies on the board on the bowling alley's wall of fame. I'm have the highest scratch game for ladies on the league and highest game with handicap for ladies.. I can only get a prize for one or the other... HAD I gotten 3 more pins, I would have had 100 pins over my average.... but I'll get a patch for 75 pins over..something I never never thought I could do... AND we won 2 games to boot!!
So that was my bit of fun to start my week off.
I printed off more labels so I am well stocked. I have some dolls to finish for a shop here in town. and I have a clean house!
Hugs Rene

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Check it out The Annie Quilt Give away.. go to My Little Annies and leave a comment!

My little annies: ANNIE QUILT GIVAWAY!!

My little annies: ANNIE QUILT GIVAWAY!!


Ok go and check it out. Below the posts I have listed my Primitive Pantry Labels. I now have my Set 4 Halloween Just Words listed. I have to get set 3 listed yet. I also have some of the labels listed on ebay and esty too. Take a peek. I'll try to get a link set up ( soon as I figger that out!) Some pictures show what they will look like pasted on jars and cheese crates.. They will prim up any pantry.
Hugs Rene

WHOO HOO I'm Back from The State Bowling Tournament


I bowled my average (154 we use last years average) for the team event on Friday night... nothing exciting. We bowled doubles and singles Sat afternoon. Doubles again I got my average( 177, 164, and 154)..and I was getting more strikes than I normally get..but I'd get a split or miss an easy spare and have to start over with strikes again. THEN singles started only 3 games left of the 2009 tournament 3 more tries to get the glory of a 200 game and the PIN....... I thew a 151 game UGH!!!! 2 games left....... I started off the second game...4 strikes in a row ( YIPPIEE) then!!! a SPLIT ( OH NO!!!) I came back with a strike, then 3 ..9 sparess then in the tenth frame ( I was shaking soooo bad) I threw and got 6 pins!! OMG! I had to make this spare and get at least 2 more... shake...shake.. I threw the ball and it was perfect!! I MADE the spare!!! WHOO all I had to do was keep it in the middle.. I can't even walk... my knees are rubber..... I threw the ball with such accuracy..( lordy was that ME that threw the last ball??) AND AND AND I GOT A STRIKE!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! I got a 208!!! OH YEA!!

I they gave me my pin, announced my name over the PA with all the other ladies who were lucky enough to also get a 200 game... Over 200 lady bowlers were bowling at the same time as we were. SIGH.....................Then I had to throw my last game I didn't care.. I got my pin... I threw a 157....

We drove home Sat night. The rest of my team stayed over till today..and as you can see in the back of my ring's snowing. 1 car full of my team mates made it back but the last car of ladies, about 3 hours behindthe car that left this morning,, stopped for an accident and then they got side swiped. They are OK but shook up.. I don't know how they are getting back.. I offered to go and haul their car back with our hauler, but one of their hubbies had already left to go and get them. I think we have over 5 inches of snow already.

Love the snow but I wish my friends had made it back safe. We knew the snow was comming and we were the only ones with the diesel truck! The littlest car was the last to leave...go figger. I had to get back home to take care of my pets..and they stayed behind to shop and swim in the motels pool.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The hubbie just been dragging his feet about decorating the house prim.. He did do the laundry room for me this fall but had a fit when I nailed the old wooden dryer to the new wall.. "That OLD THING!!" Welllll this is what I saw when I went into the laundry room this morning.... now... those ain't MY socks!

I thought you might like to see my baby. He is about 7 weeks old now. Ain't he cute!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Any special requests for PANTRY LABELS,,anything you have in your cupboard that is too modern..I can make a prim label for it and make it look so old no one will want to open the jar! ( Great for hiding chocolate from the hubbie!) . If anyone has any ideas they want to see on the next set of Pantry Labels..feel free to let me know.....Just chime in!


I have been working on a new set.. this one will be spices and the such.. I thought I had a grip on them..then Gina came into my life and changed my whole out look on so many things. I stopped what I was doing and took a look at that she told me....then I sauntered to my own little cupboard and took a look inside...MMmmm? Could this be true??? Mondern day fixens...on vintage labels??? SO I took my trusty pencil and started a list....Right now I have over 100 for the newest set the canister ones we talked about. Old and new make up this set. Herbs and spices we never heard of too.... ones we can get at the store right now.. I included items like marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts, some sauces so the modern day pantry can be transposed to the past. Imagine opening a door to the past pantry and before you lay thick smooth wooden shelves, filled with canning jars of several colors and sizes, with grungy muslin tied to the tops...old tattered and worn.. stained labels depicting the contents of what's inside the jars stuck to the front of each jar....some with a year that is was "put up". Wooden boxes with paper labels stating that they contained "Hard Candy","Lemon Drops", "Peppermint Sticks", or "Common Twists"....sigh......

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Plans for Monday

Well I think I'm gonna rearrange the side bar so I have a picture of the labels near their PayPal it will be easier to understand which set you are buying. Each set will have it's own button..You will be able to view your cart to see which set is in it. I have 5 sets of labels done. The 2 normal ones you see here and on ebay, 2 Halloween sets (3 and 4) Set 3 Halloween is real herbs and their presumed cures,, I matched them with real street names, and I found a bunch of spooky cities so I matched them with the herbs and street names..the years.. I just grab them out of thin air and plopped them on my paper they are just what ever I felt like. The labels have real nice frames. There are 31 to the set and I have a bunch of bonus ones too. Set 4 Halloween is my silly set.. I imagined a witch standing in her kitchen looking thru her cupboard looking for ingredients for her spells. So the labels are just words and a frame..maybe a year on some but not all. There are 170 labels in this set. Set 5 is the Christmas set. Again I had fun with this set as it is words and sayings pertaining to Christmas and winter. There is a bit over 100 framed labels in this set and a few without frames....they are the bonus labels. Some have illustrations and some have a year on them.
Ok That's it for now.. I'll be back Monday. Hugs Rene

SET 1 PRIMITIVE LABELS 25 Vintage looking labels

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