Friday, February 27, 2009

Labels In Your Home

OK Here We Go.... I made up the snowmen heads using warm n natural and just tossed them on a bowl.. I though I have these nice labels..what if...? At crafts show that I do, I mostly use wood so hey I'll make a wood box. I used one of my labels from my Christmas set on the side...I took a label and stuck it on a stained hang tag, and added the mica flakes around the edge to try to cover it. Well it's Feb and I still have this setting out!

NOW the Halloween.. One of my sponsor's on the race car is a bar/restaurant so they have a dumpster full of empty glass bottles! And you can get those big bottles too. ( I love the blue glass Sky Vodka bottles ...the BOTTLES not the stuff inside!! whuuee!LOL) So I put my leather gloves on and went in for a dip. I boiled out the bottles and cleaned off any paper labels that were left on them. In the top I stuck a piece of wood stick, wrapped it with spanish moss or on some I used the really cool sheet moss ( remember that when you go to buy the stuff! Lordy try to explain to a sales lady " You know, that grassy green stuff that grows on trees!" Ok then wrap the bottle neck with grungy stained cheese cloth.... I sold these by the DOZEN! So easy to make and cheap too. The only cost being the labels ,and cheese cloth, because empty beer bottles, sticks, and moss ( if you can find it) is free. The skull heads with the bottles is a pattern that I made up and sold on ebay also. I have a matching bones pattern I have to write up yet..oh soo little time soo much to do.... Ok there is your idea for the day... Hugs To all Rene


  1. I flippin love all the ideas you have here...I want to see more...get hot making some halloween and christmas labels..cause you are going to sell out of go to pay pal and get some buttons put on your site..Love your stuff...:)


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