Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friday Night at the Races

Ok, I asked my crew if anyone of them could please take some pictures of me racing.... this is the only one I got! I haven't left my pit spot yet!! I have just flipped the switch to start the car in this picture.. I am looking at my switch panel and am flipping the "on" then I push the button to start the car then I flip the lights for my dash. Then I check my oil gage which is right in front of me. SO this is me going out for the A Feature.
We had 25 in the Super Late Model class on the first night of the year. I qualified 12th and made the A feature by time. ( a good thing) I ran in the second heat ( of 3 heats) and finished 4th. Had to avoid a few crashes and even got a "Atta Girl" from one of my crew over my radios. Made me laugh in the car. I started 14th in the A feature. A 40 lap feature. Had to avoid a few more crashes. I finished 11th and in one piece! ( another good thing) I didn't really get IN any of them buuuuuttt....I poked the guy ahead of me taking the green flag.... got poked in the rear by a guy who didn't let up as fast as I did when the yellow flag came out. Got side swiped on the left side as I ran side by side with another driver,,and.... got side swiped on the right side as another driver tried to go up the middle, 3 wide with me on the bottom. SO both my numbers are scraped, the nose has a dent and the rear bumper a paint chip. Ok so not to bad for the first night of the year.... didn't scratch the roof right?? WELLLL my pit guy Scott was going to reach into the car to put the steering wheel back on so we could load the car..Well he didn't bend over far enough and slammed the top of his bald head right into the roof edge of my car just below my name! Put a tiny crack in the paint!! SO I hit everything but the pace car! Someone asked me before, how long have I been racing? This is the start of my 29th year.


  1. well at least they got this photo..but geez louise wheres a woman when you need em..glad you came out okay...:)

  2. Good job in your heat! Sounds like so much fun!! What a way to spend your Friday night- beats sitting home watching Ghost Whisperer LOL! Kim


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