Friday, May 8, 2009

Primitive Star Flag Holder

Ok lets see if I can do this.... I am giving you a pattern to make this Primitive Star Holder. The pattern is on the right side bar. You need to down load both parts. Sorry I fought with this most of last night and gave up they are in 2 parts....Read thru so you know ahead what you need and will had to do to make these buggers.
To make it you will need:
the pattern
sissors pen or pencil
1 piece of wood at least 16 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide and 3/4 inches thick.
Scroll saw
sand paper
white paint... black if you choose also
stain of your choice
flag on a stick
drill and drill bit a size smaller the same size as your flag's stick
ruler, to make sure the slot is the same size as the thickness of the wood

Ok print out pattern.. NOW make sure the slots are the same size as your wood is thick. I printed out the pattern and it was the same size as my wood is thick. The pieces fit together so if your pattern slot is bigger than your wood's thicknes... you will have to lay a piece of the wood you are going to use on top of the slot pattern piece and redraw around it before you cut out the pattern and trace it on your wood. When you cut out the slot, the thickness of the saw's cut will be enough to let the 2 pieces slip together for a nice fit.Cut out your pattern piece and lay it on the wood.. Trace around the pattern. Make sure that slot is the same width as the piece of wood you are using.Cut out the star pieces. Sand them on a belt sander or just use a piece of 100 grit paper.Bang those edges for a more worn look.Check to see if they will fit together. If not, go back and trim a bit out of the slot, and fit again. After you paint them they will be tighter so if they are a bit on the sloppy side now that's a good thing. Here I also rounded the tips of the smaller star so they don't point over the edges of the bigger star. Check to see if your star sets even on all 4 points.. If it doesn't, cut one of the slots a bit deeper..don't go too much.Check to see the size of the dowl your flag is on. Pick a drill bit one size smaller. Now if you have a drill press Whoorrraa! It will save you some swearing. I took a chip out of the middle of the point of the star so I could start the drill better. I used a pair of old wire cutters to nip a chunk out, to make the starting drill hole area, flatter so the bit wouldn't slip off to the side.. Be careful you don't chip the edged of your star..if you do save the piece and white glue it back on..let it dry and try again. Start with a smaller drill bit.. when you have the hole done, change one size bigger drill bit, use the one that is the same size as the dowel the flag is on. Check to see if the flag dowel will fit in the hole..if not go to the next size bigger.. By starting with a smaller drill bit, it's easier to start the hole..less swearing.Here I jumped ahead a bit.. I have the star painted white and sanded.. You can do what you want here.. You can pound some dents in the star to make it look older. Use the sides of bolts and edges of nuts, lay them on the wood and gently tap them till they make a dent in the wood. Use the round hammer head to make a few dings too. You can paint it black first then white... so when you sand it the black shows thru..... what I did and I am sure it's toxic...but... I goobed the white paint on, then while it was still wet (and I layed it on thick).... I took it out side and with a heat gun, I cooked the paint till it blistered. I did this so when I sanded the wood I would have round blistered, paint chips that the stain would get caught in.. Now don't be smelling the cooking this outside inthe fresh air if you are going to try this method. Sand thru to the raw wood in places too.Apply your stain with a brush..Leave it on for a min then wipe it off with a rag.AWWW here it is, It fits and it's ready for the flag... I also stained the dowel the flag was on and I even stained the flag too. It you really want to age it even some more.. Take a little black paint and dip a stiff bristle brush in just a bit of it... and flick the brush over something like a used popsicle stick..flick the paint so it spatters on the star.. you have fly specks!

And there you are. I made 6 of them for the shop. The orginal is 12 inches tall. Just make sure you have the same size slot as the woods thickness so they fit together good. I don't glue mine.. they can be taken apart for storage..but then...mine sit out all year long.....I hope I explained this good enough.. Hugs Rene


  1. Rene,
    I love it! It wouldn't let me print the pattern out at school (something about a firewall), but I am going to make some this weekend. They will make great prizes for my Memorial Day picnic with the family. Thanks for sharing, Kim

  2. Nice tools, Rene.

    You have a cat in the upper right hand corner that appears to have either done too much meth or lost his mind. Well, I guess he could be an exercise fanatic, but you would surely agree that no cat ever was before.

  3. I told ya Snowbrush you and me would be making crafts like crazy!!!! Hey My kitty..He's DANCING..He's dancing him self SILLY!! LOL

  4. They are so cute. I love them.
    Thank for sharing. Cindy

  5. you do nice are a handy gal I tell you..great tutorial too..doing anthing fun for the weekend? still wondering if you want to do some trading for the labels..I love your labels...:)

  6. What a great project thanks for sharing it with us at apj crafting community we love it..Make sure you put some type of copyright on this cause
    there are pattern stealing people out there that will take all the credit for your hard work and pics... HUGS

  7. Great project! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to make some!

  8. What a fun idea.. you explained it very well! I can't wait to try to make some tooooo!

  9. I love these stars but I can't get mine to fit right. Arrghhhh, what am I doing wrong?? The small one seems too short when I line the points up with the large one. Any ideas??? I'm having one of those duh? moments!! LOL!!

  10. Hi Kathy, Yes the one will be shorter.. They won't make any sense if they are in a pile..LOL When they are slid together Then they fit fine. Yep the one is shorter, it's points have to be cut away so the second star can fit thru it. The angle wouldn't be right if it went to the top. Is the horizontal part of the stars even when they are fit together? Then it should be right... Just make sure the thickness of the wood you are using is the same thickness of the slot. You can always sand it a bit to make it wider to fit..hard to put wood back after you cut it too wide!.. Hope this helps..let me know.. I want it to be just the way you want it.. Hugs Rene

  11. Oh shoot! I've cut two sets and get the same thing. When I put them together the horizontal part is not even. When they are even, the smaller star is too short. I must not be holding my mouth right!! LOL!!

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