Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Out Houses

Here are the 2 kinds of out houses I have been making. The first one is what I call a square one. I use fence planks from Menards..Single pieces of 6 inch wide 6 feet tall green treated. It's about 20 pieces if you want a porch. I didn't have a picture with the door open but yep..there is a poo hole... I mean a hole for your flower pot! Ya that's what I ment. I wrap them with grape vines,,they are kinda falling off now. I hung some old horse harness on the side. The lamp is a solar lamp. It can't get enough light under the porch's roof so I take it out during the day and hang it on a hook stuck in the yard next to the outhouse.. In the evening I rehang the lamp under the porch roof and it looks so cute. This one is stained with a redish water proof stain. Now these I LOVE to make I don't really measure a thing when I make these cept maybe the roof pieces so they are all the same length. I use what ever scrap wood I can find for this style. I have even made these with one side of the roof longer than the other side! The curve is decided by the amount of curve I free hand draw on the scrap wood. I do have to make sure the peak is the same front and back, as well as the curve matches from side to the same side ,front and back. The roof left to right side, can be different lenghts and curves. The porch can be on either side, or neither side, or Both sides. The outhouse can be different widths also as long as they match on the opposite side, to make a square or rectangle. They are all skrewed together so they can be moved without twisting apart. This one is not stained. It was made with rough cut lumber and it is very heavy.
Here ya can see inside and yep..there's the "flower pot " hole! Oh, and I see a corn cob and newspaper too! The orange cord is to the light I have inside so it lights up and you can see the cresent moon Everynight! I had these at a shop down the road from where I used to live. They had $185.00 on them and I was making one everyweek last summer! This year they retired so I don't have a place to sell them anymore and I kept this one. The curvey roof ones have real shingles and a "vent" pipe.



  1. oh those are too flipping cute..would your big ones hold gardening tools etc? there is another fellow blogger on my list that wants one for gardening type do great work...:) love them both..and I love the detail in the paper and are a hoot..:)

  2. Oh I love these!
    I would love to have one of these in my back adorable...and functional too! LOL

  3. Those are really creative! Great job!
    I emailed you the pics of my porch, but for the past 2 days I keep getting the message "Failure to Deliver" to the purrbox. Did you get the email? It keeps saying it will try to resend it.
    Have a great day, Kim

  4. Thanks for posting these, they are too cute!!!! My idea was a bigger one, maybe 6 ft or so, but that might get me into zoning/building permit issues, so I'll probably scale it down a bit! Hubby loves to build things so it was pretty easy convincing him we " need" an outhouse, LOL!!! Have a great day~ and be careful in that racecar:)

  5. I love darn cute

  6. Those are so cute, what a great job.

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  8. Who wouldn't be proud to plant it in either of these.

  9. I love both of them the first one is more prim and the next is whismical (if that's possible in a potty LOL!!!)...can't decide which I like best!!!
    Great job!

  10. I keep getting kicked out so I am going to try to do this fast.

    I hope you call your Mom today and I loved your story on my blog.

    Love Renee xoxoox


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