Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is the First Race

Well here she is.. We had practice last Sat... Cold, wet... didn't pay to put new rubber on her.. SO we didn't learn much. rained..really didn't learn anything then... Wed the track set up another test day... and lordy... when we race... the race only lasts like 20 min to maybe 30 min..unless it's over a 50 lapper..then they can go longer...but mostly about 20 min. WELL... I was in the car from 4:30 to 6:00! The whole time....AWWWW! Well at least it was nice and warm in the car... very windy on Wed. I would take her out for some laps and she just didn't have any traction..back in the pits.. my crew would fiddle with shocks, more testing..more fiddling springs,,test,,, pits,,, more fiddling fiddle, fiddle.....test, test, test...... ok What ever I said went against what they thought...till we narrowed it down to....a bad shock? no way..they are all brand new!! well it WAS the right front shock. Wouldn't hold the car..SOOOO test one last time . And WITH the new tires....and lordy gees wize!!! I got a time faster than I had all year last year! and on such a cold day too. We changed the motor this year from a Chevy to a Ford..... meaning the rules let us set the motor back if we run a Ford... easier to make the weight rule. SO we had better expectations out of the box... Didn't think the shock would go like that.. They can...but not normally. We will see what happens tomorrow long as I bring her home in one piece and not in a box. We have a new car at the track. I don't know if they will use it or not. It's a ride along car. Room for 2 in this baby. If they have it going this will be able to buy a ride and my team mate, Burton will be driving them around the track at breath taking speeds! LOL! The money will go to a breast cancer fund. If he doesn't show up guess who will be giving rides? That's my 5 car in the pit spot next to the pink 07 car. This pink car is really an old Nascar car, so it's really heavy duty compaired to our cars. Has the flaps on it too. Both cars have Ford Fusion bodies. That's hubbie Cliff pointing at something and Pit guy Jeremey in the red and black jacket looking on.
Wanna take a peek??? Here is where I was sitting for an hour and a half yesterday.... and I assume again tonight as the car will be sitting on 4 scales. I will have to sit in her as the crew weighs the car and makes adjustments to ride heights and the such. Car and driver must weigh a certain weight to be legal.

No More Mrs. Nice Guy...Who knew!!


  1. "as long as I bring her home in one piece and not in a box"

    Naturally, I drew an image of a car in a coffin, flowers all around, maybe a rosary draped across the steering wheel, lots of other cars in tears, Amazing Grace coming from their speakers.

  2. you go girlfriend..see if someone can take photos of you actually racing..I love your new set up on your blog...good luck and have i know not to mess with more mrs. nice guy...;)


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