Saturday, April 11, 2009


SOON ...soon like in 3 weeks.....

Yep, that is me in the 5 car.. This is what I do all summer long...

Yep...the 5 is backwards.....!


  1. you go girlfriend..and why is the 5 backwards? have a wonderful easter..;)

  2. Oh Long story Gina, When I started racing 29 years ago I got alot of attention so another driver painted his car the same as mine but a blue number.. The announcer kept getting us 2 mixed up.. SO I painted my car the opposite on each blue and yellow on the right and yellow and blue on the left.. and so on for several years but with different colors.. I couldn't have 2 different numbers so I reversed the 5 so it would look different.. We don't paint the car different on the sides anymore but we still keep the backwards number. The fans all knows it's me! And the guy that copied my car ..he was much younger than I..they found him dead on the lawn next door to his home one cold Jan several years ago.He died from an asthma attack and couldn't make it back in his home...So sad.. I think it was one of the hardest deaths I ever delth with.

  3. Thanks for giving me something else to worry about in life...well, at least you don't race motorcycles.

    Yes, the five is indeed backwards, but is it rebel backwards, or ass-backwards or even back-asswards?

  4. P.S. An asthma attack has got to be a hard way to go. Quick, but hard.

    I guess you could lay the five on its side. Then you could call your car the Lazy 5, only people might mistake it for a cattle rancher.

  5. LOL!!! You are a HOOT! Snowbrush!! I do also drag race and radar race snowmobiles!! I like the rebel idea,, And I love the assbackwards!! But it's more like remember ME 5.. Remember me!!! I drive the car with the back ass...assback lazy 5 car!!LOL!!

  6. So exciting. Well for sure you are going to win all your races because I love the colour yellow. And the number 5 is a really great number. It could have been improved if it was a 3 or 13 but 5 is still very good. xoxo

    I am sorry that your Mom belittles you, that is not a good scene.

    Cheers to a great racing season.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. I was just wondering why the heck number 5 was backward, and gonna ask, but Gina beat me to it.
    I think that's so cool, and rebel like!!
    Sad on the guy death.
    You're gonna have to send me your racing schedule so I can come cheer you on!!

    Can't wait to watch ya race, as long as I don't get spit by a rubber tar thingy that shoot off the tracks LOL they're painful!!!


  8. Good Morning :) Oh my it's my Bud...How have you been? We are doing fine on our end. As you noticed Mom passed away around 2 months ago..but I'm doing ok. I have my good days & bad days. Yep still have the long hair LOL...Angel is doing just fine..getting big & growing like a weed. Hey we still have our race car..haven't did much with it yet, but when we move we are going racing in Ohio :) Well talk with you later sweetie. Have a GREAT weekend. Are you racing yet? Our race starts tonight up here. HUGs & Love ya, Deb


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