Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun at the Salvage Yard

I love to go to the salvage yard. I take home more than what we take there. We are good friends with the owner and he asked me for a list of the things I wanted him to save for me...OH BOY!!
A MAN after my heart!! I stopped writing after 2 pages. And the things he has saved for me...half were not on the list!!!

Some funnels , a lead melting spoon, a chamber pot,, like the 3 I have now arn't enough...well ya never know!!!!! 13 shoe thingees from when they really fixed shoe instead of buying new ones. 3 flat irons to go with my old wood ironing boards I have thru out the house. An old lantern, and an old toaster...way too cool! And anyone know what the cage looking things are???? I have been told "Chick Creeps" least that is what I call them.. SOOO when ya have baby chicks and you want to feed just the would put the chick feed on the ground then put this cage "Creep" over the feed. Then the baby chicks can go thru the bars ( creep in) and eat the food because the adult chickens can't get it....they can't fit thru the bars..... I have baby creeps for my chinchillas.. so the baby can have a place to hide and rest while the parents romp at night.
But then these might be for something else.... but they sure would work good for baby feeding chicks...if I had any!
Can't wait to go back and see what he has saved for me next time!


  1. I would be in heaven going there!
    I saw many things in your pics that I would snatch up in a minute!
    Where would I put the stuff? I don't know! But it sure would be fun trying to figure that out!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  2. wow you got some wonderful the chick feeders..they would make great bird feeders with a bottom on can use the chamber pots to store stuff..I use mine to store cough drops, meds etc...its in our bedroom...have a wonderful weekend...:)

  3. oh and the funnels you can hang them on some old wood and put your string in them for in your craftroom with different strings and it comes out the bottom and you snip off what you best friend has this..I have a few that I may need to do this with...:)


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