Wednesday, June 17, 2009

American Swap With Kris from Simply Prim

Ok I am SOO far behind with everything here.. I am late with my swap with Kris.. I am so sorry. The item I made for you ,,when I took it to the P.O. it would have cost over $29.00 to ship!! SO I have to start all over.. I was thinking like $15 to ship, boy was I wrong.. So bare with me I am making some new stuff and I will get it out this wek yet. I thought I had to the 24th and it was the 15th so now I am really really late..

Ok I had Kris from Simply Prim as my swap buddy. I got some wonderful items.. My life is never slow and I am alway running..and I was really running out my front door when I had to jump over a box my postman had left on my door step. It was my goodies from the Americana swap off Char's blog. I told my pit crew they were going to wait till I opened this box..and wait they did.

I got a wonderful prim candle holder that Kris made and then she made up the prim candle to go with it.. They do smell wonderful. Next Kris made me a super cute Uncle Sam!! I just LOVE this little guy.. I love prim. I Love cute country. This little guy fits right in. Then I got a wonderful basket with America painted on it.. How did you know Kris, that I was collecting baskets to start hanging them in my dining room ceiling beams?? Course this one is special and it will go right here in my computer room so I can keep my camera and anything I use alot during the day close to me. THEN I got a wonderful little book to keep all my notes in and it came with an American pencil too that was tucked inside.

SO Thank-you so Very much Kris.. I am working on your stuff today yet.. I want it to be perfect. You all can go can see Kris's blog as she makes wonderful primitive items AND she shows us how to do them too!! WHOO HOO!

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  1. I know what you mean in getting behind. You got some great goodies there.


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