Sunday, March 1, 2009

Plans for Monday

Well I think I'm gonna rearrange the side bar so I have a picture of the labels near their PayPal it will be easier to understand which set you are buying. Each set will have it's own button..You will be able to view your cart to see which set is in it. I have 5 sets of labels done. The 2 normal ones you see here and on ebay, 2 Halloween sets (3 and 4) Set 3 Halloween is real herbs and their presumed cures,, I matched them with real street names, and I found a bunch of spooky cities so I matched them with the herbs and street names..the years.. I just grab them out of thin air and plopped them on my paper they are just what ever I felt like. The labels have real nice frames. There are 31 to the set and I have a bunch of bonus ones too. Set 4 Halloween is my silly set.. I imagined a witch standing in her kitchen looking thru her cupboard looking for ingredients for her spells. So the labels are just words and a frame..maybe a year on some but not all. There are 170 labels in this set. Set 5 is the Christmas set. Again I had fun with this set as it is words and sayings pertaining to Christmas and winter. There is a bit over 100 framed labels in this set and a few without frames....they are the bonus labels. Some have illustrations and some have a year on them.
Ok That's it for now.. I'll be back Monday. Hugs Rene

1 comment:

  1. Oh Rene,
    I can't wait to see all of the other labels..I may need some of those...see you in the morning...I want a bigger photo of I can see YOU!!! by the way when is your birthday...:)


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