Sunday, March 8, 2009

WHOO HOO I'm Back from The State Bowling Tournament


I bowled my average (154 we use last years average) for the team event on Friday night... nothing exciting. We bowled doubles and singles Sat afternoon. Doubles again I got my average( 177, 164, and 154)..and I was getting more strikes than I normally get..but I'd get a split or miss an easy spare and have to start over with strikes again. THEN singles started only 3 games left of the 2009 tournament 3 more tries to get the glory of a 200 game and the PIN....... I thew a 151 game UGH!!!! 2 games left....... I started off the second game...4 strikes in a row ( YIPPIEE) then!!! a SPLIT ( OH NO!!!) I came back with a strike, then 3 ..9 sparess then in the tenth frame ( I was shaking soooo bad) I threw and got 6 pins!! OMG! I had to make this spare and get at least 2 more... shake...shake.. I threw the ball and it was perfect!! I MADE the spare!!! WHOO all I had to do was keep it in the middle.. I can't even walk... my knees are rubber..... I threw the ball with such accuracy..( lordy was that ME that threw the last ball??) AND AND AND I GOT A STRIKE!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! I got a 208!!! OH YEA!!

I they gave me my pin, announced my name over the PA with all the other ladies who were lucky enough to also get a 200 game... Over 200 lady bowlers were bowling at the same time as we were. SIGH.....................Then I had to throw my last game I didn't care.. I got my pin... I threw a 157....

We drove home Sat night. The rest of my team stayed over till today..and as you can see in the back of my ring's snowing. 1 car full of my team mates made it back but the last car of ladies, about 3 hours behindthe car that left this morning,, stopped for an accident and then they got side swiped. They are OK but shook up.. I don't know how they are getting back.. I offered to go and haul their car back with our hauler, but one of their hubbies had already left to go and get them. I think we have over 5 inches of snow already.

Love the snow but I wish my friends had made it back safe. We knew the snow was comming and we were the only ones with the diesel truck! The littlest car was the last to leave...go figger. I had to get back home to take care of my pets..and they stayed behind to shop and swim in the motels pool.

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  1. good for you on your bowling..I usually do about you know how good I am ....hope your friends got home okay...I love your halloween labels..and will get them later on this summer..I love the witch farts one....can't wait to see the rest..I love the black and white I went and did one of my halloween stuff with the exception of 2 how it makes everything look...we are supposed to get 1-2 inches of snow tonight..we shall see...have a good one and talk atcha tomorrow..:)


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