Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Monday bowling!!!!

Hi All, Just a short note. I cleaned house all day for company that stayed 15 min!!! Oh well my house is clean ,,and now,,I can't find a thing!..
I have to tell you what I bowled last night. I bowl with 4 other ladies..on a MENS league!
I started off just nasty.. a 134.. Oh could it get worse?? I love to bowl My average WAS 165...it's been going down and down to a 159... Oh great horrors... :( I have the lowest average on my team. We just got back from state and I got a 208. I thought I was on my way back up..but no.. I threw a 134... So I tried real hard in the second game.. and I still got open frames... I was getting so disappointed..my team ladies have averages in the 180's and 170's... They must hate me by now....ooooo... I wanted to cry..then I got mad..MAD!! I tell ya!! I started to whip that ball with such a hook ya'd think a MAN was throwing it!! I got 3 strikes in a row Whoo HOO! But I opened in the tenth frame... BUT I got my average and then some I threw a 189... BUT we lost that game and I was still mad.. SO we started the third game.. I'm in a bowling frenzy.. I'm whipping that ball..it's hooking like mad.. I got strike after strike I threw 7 strikes in a row!! This isn't me??? Who's bowling in my body?? Everybody's cheering..men are stepping aside to let me bowl first.. Men are waiting till "I" bowl... they are slapping my hand..... OHHhhh this is gonna hurt when I don't get a strike.... and I got 8 pins and a spare in the 8th frame... OOhh they all moan....... Like I don't feel bad that I didn't strike...but now I let them all down..... sigh... I whipped that ball in the 9th frame and got a stike...YEA!!!! I finished with a 8 spare 8 in the tenth frame for a 256 game.. WHOO HOO!! my highest game ever.. AND the third highest game for ladies on the board on the bowling alley's wall of fame. I'm have the highest scratch game for ladies on the league and highest game with handicap for ladies.. I can only get a prize for one or the other... HAD I gotten 3 more pins, I would have had 100 pins over my average.... but I'll get a patch for 75 pins over..something I never never thought I could do... AND we won 2 games to boot!!
So that was my bit of fun to start my week off.
I printed off more labels so I am well stocked. I have some dolls to finish for a shop here in town. and I have a clean house!
Hugs Rene

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